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Katy Cee
Natalia & Katy: Aprehended

They'd got the look right, with no question. Hair and makeup immaculate, expensive (though stolen) gowns, even fake invitations which had been carefully crafted to match the genuine one they'd managed to get hold of though doing LOTS of sweet-talking at the printer's. But although they were good, Security was better. Royalty, after all, could hire the best. And so it came to pass that Natalia (a hairdresser from Manchester) and Katy (A PA for Tesco's head office) did NOT go to the ball and mingle with the rich and famous for the evening. No, they spent it cuffed firmly to the back staircase so that Security could keep an eye on them. And though Security were very professional, they couldn't help noticing that their captives really were very attractive. Very attractive indeed.

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