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Katy Cee
Katy and Anita: The Spreader Bar Train

This set was one of the most hilarious times we've ever had shooting for RE. The idea was to chain Katy and Anita together and have them do some light kitchen duties as nude-in-metal lifestyle girls. The stroke of genius was to replace the idea of chains with solid spreader bars (courtesy of AP_Sheep, thanks!).

You see, the solid bars meant that Anita and Katy were constrained to keep the necks, opposing ankles, and opposing hands a fixed distance from one another. This may not sound like much, but in practice it turns out to be hugely restricting. It required intense moment-by-moment co-ordination to do anything at all without getting into a steel tangle of immobility and "ow my arm gerrof!" You can see Anita and Katy looking at each other quite a lot in this set- it is because they are trying to time their actions to match the other person's so they can both get a banana up to their mouths at the same time, or take a step in the same direction. It was kind of like watching the pull-rods and working parts of a steam locomotive in action (hence the name of the set).

If you happen to have two attentive slaves in your service and feel like a little light relief, I highly recommend you giving this a go. Possibly on a softer surface than a slate floor, though, if your slaves are not quite as highly trained and poised as professional models!

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