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Andrea Neal
Andrea Purple

There are days when a girl just wants to have a little fun. OK, sure there are times when it is nice to have a really dominant Master to tie you and whip you and all the rest. But there are also times when you need a little love and a little romance, and maybe just that little hint of something darker. Like dressing in your best satin nightdress, like a moviestar from the heyday of Hollywood glamour, and spreading yourself out seductively on the four-poster bed in the hotel room. You can almost pretend that the cuff and chain are an accessory. So I can't run away, but I can do almost anything else I want.

And I do want to do things. All sorts of things. I want to do them with you! Andrea Neal was amazing to work with. Despite being one of the top bondage models in the world for half a decade, she made the shoot seem as fresh and new as if it was her first time. Just look at the expression on her face when I instructed her to put in the ballgag. You'd swear she'd never even seen one before... let along been gagged with one! As she moved in front of the camera she had this wonderfully submissive- and somehow innocent- look in her eyes. Mmmmm.

Number of Photos: 92 photos, 14.9 MB ZIP file
ID #: RE_andreapurple
Price: $6.99 Per Zip File