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Andrea Neal
Andrea on the Bed

She wasn't sure what her captor had in store for her, but judging by the skimpy, clingy black dress, the strong black collar and the scarlet ropes, it wasn't likely to be something good. Lying on the large bed, she tried to piece together what had happened. There was the retaurant, then his car, the seat belt didn't quite work, him reaching across her to help... then the wadded cloth pulled out of the door pocket, forced over her mouth and nose, breathing fumes... waking up, bound and helpless on a bed... She struggled and twisted, trying to get at the knots behind her back. But he had tied her too well. All she could was wait, and hope... What was Andrea like to work with? Quite shy and a little nervous at first, after all here was this photographer from a different country who had basically flown a third of the way around the world just to photograph her. She relaxed quite quickly when we started to shoot, and by this stage she was giving me some thumping good expressions! The best thing of all was that she was really a very nice, unspoilt and innocent person. For various reasons she didn't get to see much of her own work, and she had absolutely no idea how highly the bondage world regards her. She is the most naturally graceful model I've shot to date. Most models strike a pose, wait for the flash, strike another. Andrea just moved in front of the camera completely naturally, and I could get a great shot at any instant I pressed the shutter. Probably nearly blew a fuse in Lorelei's studio because the flashes were going off once a second!

It was a privilege to work with Andrea and I'm very glad I seized the opportunity while I could!

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