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Amy Allen
Amy & Ariel: Taking A Fancy

Admittedly, they were trying to do this shoot on the cheap. The art director for the client had grand ideas, but the company was too cheapstake to actually pay much for their locations. So the photographer had to call in a few favours. It was a friend of a friend who suggested Lord Elpus' Hall. His lordship was away hunting, but his daughter, Ariel, would be there to show them around. Little did they realise how much trouble she would casue!

You see, Ariel had led a very spoilt life. She was used to getting whatever she wanted. And she was used to having servants waiting on her hand and foot. So when she took a fancy to the model, she decided to chain her up and keep her on as a new member of her entourage!

And no, of course the girl herself didn't get a say in the matter. Didn't she know who she was talking to?

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