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Fi Stevens
Fi: Andalucian Flower Girl

Alejandro always wondered how Isabella did it. Ever weekend she would appear at the market in Malaga with a basket laden with flowers, a different sort of flower every week. And she would sell them for a price which undercut all the other flower growers by a cool twenty percent. Where were her gardens? How did she get such a variety, and how could she sell them economically in such small batches? Did she have some secret import deal? Surely she didn't drive to Amsterdam every week just to get a basket of flowers? People said she'd never even left Andalucia.

Undercutting him to supply the flowers for his own cousin's wedding was the last straw. Especially when she promised him the same rare tulip tree flowers that Alejandro had cultivated from seed these last seven years. How could she do it? Alejandro had to know... so he set out to follow her in the week before the wedding.

How could she do it? Simple! She stole the flowers! Just a few, stealing from a different local grower every week so no-one noticed the losses. The sheer CHEEK of it! Alejandro's cheeks burned red- partially in rage at the girl, but mostly in shame that he and the other growers had let her get away with it for so long! Well, she wouldn't be getting away with it any longer!

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