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Juliana: The Lazy PA

PA Juliana is working from her boss's Hong Kong apartment - they're visiting for a few days while he wraps up some negotiations. But Juliana's boss has some very strict ideas about how efficient she should be, and isn't best pleased to see her lounging around, staring out of the window!

So he sacrifices some of his precious time to tie her in a secure reverse prayer, gag her to stop her from distracting him, and then he leaves her to consider the error of her ways. He'll make her catch up with the spreadsheets later, when she's learned her lesson; and maybe he'll at least untie her hands for that. If he's feeling generous.

Hywel's Note: Ariel wrote the story to go along with this set when she was just getting up to speed working part-time helping me process sets for the site. I think you can tell the sort of working day Ariel was imagining for herself! :-)

90 pics 20.95 MB zip

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