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Juliana: Snatched at the Ski Resort

Juliana had sneaked out of her posh ladies' college for the night, to meet one of the gorgeous athletes from the ski training academy nearby.

All the other girls had enjoyed hanging out of their chalet windows, ogling the fit young men shooting past on their skis, but only Juliana (as far as she knew) had got so far as talking to one of them. They'd met at the end of the college drive, and had got on, Juliana thought, awfully well. So well in fact that he'd invited her to visit him that evening.

This, of course, was totally against the rules. But Juliana was simply too excited to care! She couldn't ski of course (it wasn't on the curriculum at her college) so she dressed up warmly, and headed off through the forest to the place he told her he was staying.

And sure enough, after a short walk she found herself at a lovely pine cabin, brightly lit against the snow covered trees. He answered the door looking even more gorgeous than before in the soft warm light. And Juliana had prepared a surprise for him that she thought he'd like. Stripping off her coat, she revealed nothing but a tiny black bikini underneath. She felt rather daring, but his smile of anticipation made her feel confident she'd made exactly the right choice.

But that was when everything suddenly changed. One of the bedroom doors suddenly opened, and 3 more of the athletes from his school entered the room. She realised too late that she'd walked into a trap! But it was far too late to run away. She was barefoot, in nothing but a bikini, and there was snow on the ground outside. When one of the students grabbed her and spun her round, she knew there was nothing she could do to escape them....

Fortunately (perhaps) for Juliana, her captors turned out to want entertainment rather than anything more sinister. As soon as two of them started tying her up, she realised that the care they were taking with the ropework wasn't consistent with a normal kind of kidnap. It was tight, certainly, but also symmetrical and decorative. Juliana felt strangely comforted by this - surely if anything really bad was going to happen to her, they wouldn't be taking so much trouble over it? And then she noticed how the ropes going round her chest had made her breasts thrust forward in a dramatic, but awfully exposing way! Was this some sort of game, she wondered?

Hywel's Note: be very careful any time you tie ropes around the neck. Normally we wouldn't tie anything across the front of the neck, not even a loose rope collar like this, if there's any possibility of it pulling tight if she slips or falls. Just to be on the safe side.

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