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Dolly & Juliana: Filling A Dull Evening

Sales conferences were just the worst. Stuck out in the sticks in a motel, nowhere to go, nothing to see, and having been brought here by company bus, no transport to even try to get to town. Worse, one often had to share a room. There were compensations, though. Sometimes you got to share with a really hot co-worker. The other attendees always laughed at the immensity of Dolly's suitcase on these trips, but anyone who had shared a room with her would find out it was stuffed to the limit with ropes and gags and toys and all manner of ways to fill a dull evening.

And Dolly had had a predatory eye on lovely newcomer Juliana for weeks. Pulled a string or two to get her as a roomie. Let's try the "Are you ticklish?" gambit for starters, shall we?

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