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Juliana & Tanya: Tickle Club

Rule number one: do not talk about tickle club.

Rule number two: do not let down your guard when it is your day on the target list.

But staying awake for 48 hours, even to protect your queen of the cat burglars tickle crown, is not something that comes so easily. Juliana was horrified when the draw for the month done and her name came out of the hat not once, not twice, but twice consecutively. It was almost enough to make her think it was rigged. She had been the tickle queen of the cat burglars for almost a year, a long time, but hardly unprecedented. Why, Sarah Slick had been top of the ratings for no less than four years back in the 70's!

The trouble was it was all so much more competitive now. Cat burglars were no longer skilled amateurs pulling off raids on priceless diamond tiaras. Many were special forces trained, or gymnasts who didn't make the Olympic team and though they'd make some real money from their talents. And the tickle club ratings had gone from a gentle-woman's sport, to prove who was the queen of the underworld by proving who could get to her rivals tie her up and tickle her... to a job advert, a billboard, a C.V. for any female sneak specialist looking for employment by the big boys.

And today it was Tania's turn to take the crown!

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