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Vika Businesswoman Bound

Vika wasn't just a business-woman. She was a total bitch, and proud of it. She cut the best deals, screwed the clients out of the most money, rose quickest through the ranks of managers to be head of acquisitions. Youngest partner in the firm, and the one who was going to get the most out of the company- even if she brought the company down with her. After the deal she had just cut, shares were going to soar. And since her share options had all just matured, she was going to be a very, very rich woman. The fact that the company she had just acquired was in fact fatally weak, in a market that was a bubble waiting to burst, didn't matter a damn. She was sorted. Let the company go to hell.

Only... the senior partner was on to her. She knew she'd have to sell up and get out before he caught on to the lemon of a deal she'd just cut for him. Which is why she was in the wine bar down the street from the office, trying to ring her broker before the senior partner caught on. Which was fine- except that he'd just walked in the door, and the expression on his face said he knew just what she had done to his company. Then she noticed that the rest of the wine bar customers were not exactly the usual yuppie crowd. More like a whole room full of bouncers, security guards and hitmen. She picked up her portfolio and made for a quick exit via the ladies' room window. But they were expecting that.

"Well, Vika, you've just done a deal that'll fuck the company good. I think it is only fair that the company returns the favour. Tie her up!" said the senior partner.

She couldn't help smiling even though she was tied up. So they were going to rape her, were they? Little boys. For a start, she doubted any of them would have the balls to actually do it. Then with DNA tests and everything else, she would have their asses in jail for the rest of their worthless lives. And she would still have her money.

Only it turned out that wasn't quite the sort of fucking the senior partner had had in mind. He'd had something more like a Federal investigation into insider dealing, allied with a few phone taps and a new broker who was an FBI plant. The sort of fucking that would make sure she never worked again. The sort that made sure she would never see a penny of her ill-gotten gains. And the sort that might well see her strip searched and off to the women's state penetentiary before too long. So the ropes and the hogtie were a personal quirk- not exactly standard FBI procedure- but it would hold her until the real law boys arrived!

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